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Combination Mining and Masternode with Technology X11 Algorithm


Free from central authorities and banks, Inmaxcoin gives the power back to the people.


Inmaxcoin Give Education Blockchain to People


Inmaxcoin has a large, supportive online community of the world

What is Inmaxcoin

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Inmaxcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized, that unlike the ones held at traditional banks, are viewable and easily audited by the people.

Inmaxcoin has a utility as a platform for public education about blockchain. Inmaxcoin itself is part of INMAX COMMUNITY which emphasizes education about cryptocurrency. INMAX itself emphasizes CRYPTO EXCHANGER and now to make the cryptocurrency community grow, it is necessary to provide educational facilities through INMAXCOIN which has a mission to become a BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION PLATFORM
The cryptocurrency market has seen an unprecedented rise in various digital assets, but none so intriguing as Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Both cater to different needs: while BTC has become the face of decentralized currency, XMR is gaining attention for its focus on privacy and anonymity. For those who have invested in BTC but are seeking more privacy-oriented features, the option to convert BTC to XMR is increasingly popular. Various online exchanges and platforms offer seamless conversion services for BTC to XMR, enabling users to protect their financial activities. Before proceeding, it's essential to conduct thorough research and consult experts.

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Inmaxcoin uses the X11 algorithm in developing coins. The supply of coins is only 4,000,012, while the block reward itself is very small, that is, only 2 coins per block plus Halving every 325003, making this coin more difficult to get.

Why use Inmaxcoin

WHY USING Inmaxcoin

Why is it necessary to use INMAXCOIN?

This is because INMAXCOIN has several advantages as Community Coins. This is expressed as follows

  • Security and control over your money
  • Zero or low fees
  • Coins are verry limited, rare and not easy to get
  • Is a community coin with the Blockchain Education Platform
  • Masternodes Coin
  • E-Lerning Platform
  • Utility on Inmaxcoin Exchanger Likes BNB, KCS, TEN and etc
  • Bot Trading for Cryptocurrency
  • Channel Telegram for trading activity
  • Other Utility

Inmaxcoin Specs & Features

Inmaxcoin's Specifications

  • 4,000,012 (4 Million)
    Total Supply
    Combination POW & Masternodes
    Block Rewards Just 2 Coin/Block
    Block Halving every 325003 BLOCK
    9,100,000 Block Remains and Can Mine More Than 17 Years
  • Difficulty
    Retarget Every Block

Inmaxcoin's Key Features

Inmaxcoin has many fundamental advantages

  • Low Inflation
    Inmaxcoin has a limited supply of only 4,000,012 with block rewards of only 2 block coins distributed to Miners (POW) and Masternode. In addition, the Halving every 325003 makes Rewards smaller so that Inmaxcoin will not be affected by inflation.
  • Fast Transactions
    Inmaxcoin's combination between POW & Masternodes with X11 Algorithm. Inmaxcoin is the ideal digital currency for face to face transactions and all applications that value speed.
  • Blockchain Security
    Inmaxcoin's network is secure against the attacks other digital currencies face due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations to run their networks.
  • Innovative Community
    Inmaxcoin was developed by INMAX team that already has a large community in the world. So with this limited supply while the community is very large, so based on the concept of supply and demand Inmaxcoin will have a very expensive price going forward.

Getting Started

Getting Started With Inmaxcoin

Enough technical jargon, lets get started with Inmaxcoin

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Inmaxcoin's Market

Inmaxcoin's MARKET

  • P2PB2B
    Market Pair INXC/ETH
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  • NEXT Market
    Market Pair INXC/ETH or Pair INXC/BTC
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